Interactive Floor Musical Carpet at Deutsche Telekom 2016
Stockholmsmattan Interactive twister on steroids 2016
Toasynt A small and fun instrument for your toilet. 2016
Naturligt Speakers in a tree 2016
Singing Tunnels Installation for tunnels in the city 2016
Scanner Music generation with barcode scanner 2016
Sunify Winner of best visualisation at Hack for Sweden 2016 2016
Bombsynt Proof on concept synth in preparation for Höra 2016
Farstasynten Project developed at Konstfack 2015
Hello Robotic modification of an old telephone 2015
Etch Sonification of Etch a Sketch 2015
Piezos Piezo music and sound 2015
Music Tree Installation for the new concert house in Malmö 2015
DePlay Audiovisual tabletop installation 2015
seriousKick Instrument application for IOS 2014
ASTS Sound "painting" 2013
En lo-fi gång Soundscape project 2013