Bombsynten or as you would call it in English, The Bomb Synth, is a conceptual synth made in aluminium. The housing is a die-cast aluminium box that is both water and shock proof. Buttons are made out of 5 metal plates and plexi glass. The buttons work much like a theremin and use what is called capacitive sensing to detect if someone presses a button.

The project was produced as a side project to the synth Farstasynten and it is the step before my next synth, Höra. It was developed parallel to the Singing Tunnels and is hevily influenced by its design. Since we faced problems with vandalism I started to experiment with ways we could get rid of that problem. The die-cast aluminium box Bombsynten is cased in came out of this.

The goal was to make an indestructible synth. I feel I almost succeeded.

I have a detailed guide that describes the development of the synth at Instructable. Head over and have a look.